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Monday 9am - 5pm

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FTA Furnishing UPDATE:

We thank you all for shopping with us and we thank the many that are extremely patient in waiting for customer service replies, order enquiries or support messages. Please be aware that we are replying to messages, we are answering calls and we are doing them as fast as possible. Due to the virus situation all our team is not back in the offices yet so it is simply not possible to answer every call straight away. Current wait times on the phones are upto 1-2 hours and this is simply out of our control at the moment, every call who is waiting is getting answered it is just a matter of time, we will eventually get to your call.

Please do not send the same message on different platforms or send the same message 10 times in order to get a faster response as this just makes the overall response time longer, we will reply to each and every person.Please only contact us on the platform you have ordered from i.e eBay, Amazon, Wowcher etc etc.

All orders being ordered are being shipped out, 90% of them are leaving on time and being delivered on time, unfortunetly there are orders that have delays and there is an overall delay to everything due to the pandemic situation but we are almost back on our feet with keeping on top of everything so please bear with us.

Everyone is important to us and we are replying to everyone as fast as possible but please bear with us.