Reflex Foam Hypo-Allergenic Mattress
  • Reflex Foam Hypo-Allergenic Mattress

    Your mattress is the foundation to any great night’s sleep and we, at FTA Furnishing, take your comfort very seriously.

    This mattress is simply divine, featuring 120mm of non sprung reflex foam for the purest, feathery-light feeling and finished with a soft quilted knitted cover, a fantastic night’s sleep is guaranteed.

    With a medium/soft feel, this mattress is sure to suit a wide range of people.

    It comes vacuum packed for your convenience and ease of transportation yet doesn’t roll together when unfurled as would happen with more low quality mattresses.

    This mattress also features hypo-allergenic properties so now bed bugs and dust mites are a thing of the past.

    It is also very easy to care for: simply turn the mattress every so often and your mattress will last you far longer than any substandard one.
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      3' Single Width: 900mm Length: 1900mm Depth: 120mm 4' Small Double Width: 1200mm Length: 1900mm Depth: 120mm 4'6" Double Width: 1350mm Length: 1900mm Depth: 120mm

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