Types Of Beds

At FTA we stock a wide range of bed types, enabling us to give you the perfect bed type tailored to your specific needs. 

This page will aim to give our customers a deeper understanding of the types of beds we sell here at FTA.



End lift, Side Lift or just Drawers, we stock a variety of space saving beds.



Elegant and practical, Daybeds are perfect for guest and kids' rooms. They come with the option of a Trundle bed, that can be stored neatly underneath.


Divan Beds

Provide a solid base for your mattress and can have the option of more storage in the form of drawers.


Cabin Beds

Everything your child needs in one place.


Bunk Beds

Maximise space in your children's bedroom.


Sofa Beds

A perfect statement piece for your living room that can double as a guest bed too!


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